Assistance- Dark Comedy Short Film by John Doherty

Hello, everyone, this is just your Horrormadam again bringing you another great short film this time by John Doherty a rising Irish filmmaker. I really enjoyed his directorial debut about the real struggles we face when faced with the question of whether or not life on life-support is any life at all and the grappling dilemma of how to go on. This dark comedy was extremely well crafted and edited. The music by KILKELLY was perfectly orchestrated in conjunction with the film. I have had to deal with this topic on a personal level twice. Once with my mother when I was young and just this February when my brother was in the hospital. When does life really end and when are we just holding on for our own selfish desires. This film was fun and also alarming how the brothers handled their own situation with their father. I hope you will check it out!

Absence of life a (1)




Absence of life doesn’t necessarily mean death…or does it? Two brothers struggle to come to terms with their father’s terminal illness. Sometimes the rational thing to do is not always that easy. A dark comedy that asks big questions.

Lead actor: Stuart Forbes
Dentist: Shawn Harsh
Music: Kilkelly

I want it done right0a (1)

I want to thank John very much for bringing this to me, and so look forward to all future works!

Assistance still (1) 2





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