BIM A New Maine, Film Looking to Recreate the Magic of Jim Henson Debuts on Kickstarter

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the BIMs, A #Media #Production #Outreach & #Filmmaking Company, Creators of ‘BIM’ + Stewards of #Indiefilm positivity! NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER I met these furry aliens on Twitter and they are always entertaining and their human handlers are quite nice as well! I just wanted to send a quick shout out to my readers to let you know about their new project on KICKSTARTER. I always love to encourage Independent Film and I also love furry “actors” as long as they aren’t Zuni dolls from Trilogy of Terror. Eeek! Make sure to read their digital press release at the bottom and check out their wonderful videos!

Inspired by the business model of the Jim Henson Company, Believe In Me or “BIM”, a production company from Portland, Maine, launches its original puppet characters, “The BIMs” and their first feature-length film “BIM One” with a 60-day Kickstarter Campaign on August 17th. BIM plans to attract donors to its film, which introduces ‘The BIMs,’ six optimistic, filmmaking aliens (who just happen to look like puppets) who crash land in Maine, by offering a wide selection of Kickstarter perks. BIM will be highlighting each of their perks, along with an overview and highlight videos of their work in education and the community, by debuting over a dozen short films produced specifically for their 60-day Kickstarter campaign. BIM’s campaign will feature perks ranging from t-shirts and sweatshirts to formal BIM commercials for businesses and a customized video greeting from the BIM characters themselves.


Created by USM production student, Chris ‘Keyson’ Jones in 2013, BIM features over 20 Maine performers and crew members who have helped produce 24 short films and one-third of “BIM One’ over the course of six years, prior to this inaugural Kickstarter campaign. Says Jones, “The BIMs work universally across all mediums and a production company works within. Our first film establishes how six furry optimistic aliens from a planet known as BIM, wind up masquerading as puppet characters in Portland, Maine. At the same time, it launches Believe In Me and our positive message on a number of other levels necessary for our company and characters to be successful,”


Additionally, Believe in Me has designed two supplemental programs for media education and community outreach around their signature BIM characters, producing a short charter film for each program. BIM’s commitment to positivity and networking during its early years has also paid off, earning BIM an established and growing online and social media fan-base of over 12k followers in the global Independent Filmmaking, Art, Writing and Music communities.


Beyond just puppets, Believe In Me is a full-service production company that believes in creating positive, inspirational and first-class media of all sorts and sees its BIM characters as mascots, spokes-characters, and champions of BIM’s larger, positive mission and message. With its Kickstarter debut upcoming on August 17th Believe in Me plans to use its first feature-length film as a launchpad for a highly unique and self-sustaining business model and approach to the often cut-throat world of Independent Filmmaking, with its six BIM characters at its nucleus. Samples of Believe In Me and the BIMs work and larger mission can be found by following @bimbelieveinme across all social media platforms, or by visiting their website at http://www.BelieveInMe.Me.

Digital Press Release


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