The Mansion (2017) Le Manoir

The Mansion, originally titled Le Manoir is directed by Tony T Datis from Limoges France. Tony started out as a video editor and then moved to Paris to further that career which led to him becoming a director. He worked with Katy Perry and Skrillex amongst many others.

The film was a really entertaining horror-comedy. It starts out a little slow and then the deaths come rolling in! We have a group of friends that rent a beautiful mansion in Belgium with a questionable past. The friends are getting ready to celebrate New Years Day and have brought their various pharmaceutical accoutrements. As the drugs and drinks flow, strange things start happening and our group of friends are suddenly in a fight for their lives.

It reminded me a little of the British horror-comedy Severance, which will become very clear when you watch. I dont want to spoil anyone’s viewing pleasure. It was well acted by such actors as  Marc Jarousseau, Nathalie Odzierejko, Ludovik Day, and Jérôme Niel .

It is subtitled and on Netflix now and I recommend it. If you enjoyed Tucker and Dale VS Evil, Severance, and the Dead Snow series I think you will enjoy it.

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